Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum (TSIMF, 清华三亚国际数学论坛)?

Address: No.100, Tsinghua Road, Phoenix Town, Sanya, Hainan, P. R. China. (The latitude and?

longitude position of TSIMF facility: 18.32, 109.41)

地址:中国海南省三亚市凤 凰镇清华路 100 号, 清华三亚国际数学论坛(纬度 18.32,经度 109.41)

接机服务 Airport Pick-up?

Our scheduled shuttle bus will take you to the TSIMF from the air-port as long as you have provided your?flight?information. We will also have shuttle bus to send the participants to the airport once you have?provided your?departure flight information.




? 在接机点,请寻找清华三亚国际数学论坛的标识牌。



*如遇到困难,请联系接机负责人吴显英女士,电话(0086) ?186-8962-3393或者(0086)0898-3888-2828。谢谢合作!


1、For domestic arrivals (fly via other city in China except for Hong Kong or Macau, ?then arrive at Sanya air-port), ?

When you arrive at Sanya Phoenix Airport, please go to the?CONVENIENCE?STOREnext?to?Exit?A), ?our staff will meet?

you with a sign ``TSIMF'' (Tsinghua Sanya International ?Mathematics Forum).


2For international arrivals?(fly ?via Hong Kong or Macau, then arrive at Sanya air-port), ?please go ?straight to the?

exit. Our staff will meet you with a sign?"TSIMF"?(Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics ?Forum).?

3For the train arrivals,?please go ?straight to the exit of the Sanya railway station. Our staff will meet you with a sign

?"TSIMF"?(Tsinghua Sanya ?International Mathematics Forum).

*If ?you have any question, please call Ms. Xianying Wu (吴显英), at one of the ?following numbers (0086) 186-8962

-3393 Thank you!

Airlines for Sanya

For your air ticket, we suggest you consult the websites below:



Hainan Airlines:

China Southern Airlines:

China Eastern:

Cathay Pacific:

If you have any further problems about booking air tickets, please contact us.